Hãng sản xuất thiết bị khoa học kỹ thuật lớn nhất Nhật Bản EYELA ra đời từ ngày 12 tháng 7 năm 1955.

Trong chữ EYELA đã thể hiện sứ mệnh của công ty, "EYE" nghĩa là Tập trung (Focus) và "LA" là Laboratory (Phòng thí nghiệm).

Tokyo Rikakikai Co., Ltd. (EYELA) was founded by Hidekata Chino, current President & CEO, with a vision to contribute to the progress of scientific technology and R/D by supplying J apan origin laboratory equipment.

Chủ tịch Hidekata Chino
1962 Launch of Vacuum Stirrer made with Tefron ®
1965 Launch of Japan's first Rotary Evaporator N-1 series * EYELA has beeb recognized as the name of reliable rotary evaporator supplier both in Japan and abroad since then.
1973 Fermentation Bath M-100 developed
1984 Miyagi Japan factory begins production * Miyagi factory has been playing key role in EYELA international operation as mother factory.
1992 EYELA's cell culture device installed on board Endeavor Space Shuttle
1994 ISO 9001 certificate obtained
Started to participate international exhibitions ACHEMA, ANALYTICA, Europe and PITTCON, USA
1999 Started development of Personal Organic Synthesizer ChemiStation series

Toàn cảnh nhà máy Miyagi

2001 Beijin, China office opened
2002 Shanghai, China factory begins production
2004 Shanghai, China sales office opened
2005 USA office opened at Irvine CA
2007 ISO 14001 certificate obtained
2008 Established EYELA Singapore Pte., Ltd.
2010 USA sales office moved to Bohemia NY
2010 Continuous Flow Hydrogenator is developed * A step forward to Green Sustainable Chemistry