Thiết bị đo tốc độ dòng Current meter - Hãng HYDRO-BIOS - Germany

Portable device for point-by-point measuring for accessing the current speeds in running waters
The RHCM consists of a hydro-metric vane at the lower end of a telescopic rod and a splash-proof hand terminal.
The measuring head can be angled up to ±90°
No. 445 505: with telescopic rod 3 x 100 cm (300 cm)

Technical Specifications:
Measuring range: 0.100- 9.999 m/s
Resolution: 0,001 m/s
Accuracy : ± 5% (0.100-0.499 m/s);
 ± 1% (0.500-9.999 m/s)
Memory: 4000 measuring values
Protection type Hand Terminal: IP65