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Dalton Co.,Ltd. is a Japanese company dealing with laboratory apparatus such as laboratory table, draft chamber which are indispensable to an experience /research and technological development. As our realization of our study and research, we are also supporting pharmaceutical, food company by offering granular material machines.
Since 1939, more than half century, we have been providing positive results in this business field and offer various products to many private enterprises, government-offices, schools and national research institutes. 

Main Products

  • Draft Chamber (Fume Hood)
  • Laboratory Table, Sink, Working Table.
  • Exhaust Gas/Waste fluid processing unit
  • High Temperature Constant Humidity Room, Low Temperature Test Room
  • Clean Room, Bio Clean Room,
  • No Dust Germfree Devices such as Bio Safety Cabinet, Isolator
  • Semiconductor Devices such as Wet Bus, Etching Booth.

Major Equipment

  • Granulator
  • Grinding Machinery
  • Dryer
  • Mixer / Kneader
  • Sieving Equipment
  • Magnetic Separator
  • Comminutor / Spheronizer (Marumerizer)
  • Conveyer